Hemi IT Solutions Merges with Technology Group Jot Digital Inc. | Press Release

October 1, 2020. Earlier this year, IT experts and managed service provider Hemi IT Solutions was acquired by technology company Jot Digital Inc. Both are Calgary-based, and the move brings together two highly complementary companies and will strengthen one another’s capacity to support their clients, specifically in the delivery of IT Managed Service and Consulting. Jot and Hemi are now able to service and support more customers across North America and add value with an expanded list of business solutions including IT Management, Business Systems Integration, Software and App Development, and Digital Marketing. Jot’s current IT clients will benefit from Hemi’s decade of experience and enjoy faster and more reliable support. “This is a good move for Hemi IT, and we’re excited to merge with Jot.” said Travis Hemsworth, “Jot is young, but they are an emerging technology company. True visionaries in pro-active thinking, they aim to rationalize IT footprints and stay one step ahead of ever-changing technology. We see multiple benefits and added value for our clients in combining our forces, and we look forward to a productive future.” Ian Hedgeland, President and CEO of Jot Digital explained, “We are a much stronger full-service tech company now. With Hemi…

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What is Endpoint Security and Why Does it Matter?

The purpose of endpoint security is to protect the network against a possible breach or exposure of data when accessed through a remote device. The increasing reliance on the use of personal devices, i.e., smartphone, laptop computer, tablets in an office or corporate environment opens up the possibility of exposing protected information, some of which include company secrets and financial data. With endpoint security, a company or organization protects its network through a series of activities, application and use of software, and regular monitoring. Endpoint protection systems are installed on every network server within the company or organization, including all endpoint devices. The ever-growing dependence on mobile devices puts enterprise data and confidential files at risk of exposure when that device is stolen or lost. It’s hard to fathom how significant the loss could be for a company if this happens.   How Endpoint Security Works The point is that businesses and companies must find a way to secure sensitive data that is transferred to an otherwise “unsecured” mobile device. There must be a safeguard against illegal access in case the mobile device falls into someone else’s possession. But endpoint security isn’t just about protecting sensitive data in a lost…

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4 Big Benefits of Outsourcing Business IT Services

While the need for improved IT services can occasionally come on like a tidal wave with a significant event like a failed server or security issue, more often, it starts with a trickle.  Maybe it began with patches that are applied several months late and or a couple of expired software licenses. However, each of these small steps leads your business away from secure operations, which can become painful and expensive to undo.  Before you get to that point, it’s essential to consider the benefits of outsourcing the IT needs of your small business. Saves Money and Controls Business Expenses  Technology budgets can get quite complicated and small businesses that try to handle all their IT services in-house can find themselves with much higher costs in research and development and slower implementation times. Between balancing hardware life cycle, software upgrades and unexpected IT needs, there’s a lot to consider.  By outsourcing to a managed services IT provider, you can regain some consistency in your technology budget, only paying for what you need, when you need it. By utilizing managed services, you bridge the gap between variable and fixed expenses. Lowering fixed costs but still allowing for a higher level of…

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Windows 7 is Retiring and Why it’s Important to You

The arrival of 2020, the start of a new decade and a great time to evaluate current business solutions and processes or even the very operating system that helps your business run.  After 10 years, support for Windows 7 is coming to an end on January 14, 2020. At Hemi IT Solutions, we understand change can be hard, so we are here to let you know what you can expect and what steps your small business can take if you are still operating on Windows 7.

Why Upgrading To Windows 10 Benefits Your Business

Upgrading to a new operating system can be tough. Between people being reluctant to learn a new system and the time required to get everything up to speed with any changes, the idea of upgrading the operating system your business runs on can seem daunting. However, with support for Windows 7 ending this month, keeping your business running on older systems could be holding you back more than you think. Upgrading to Windows 10 will help your team be more productive while also providing additional security for your organization.  Increased Productivity Previous Windows OS upgrades came with dramatic and sometimes confusing changes. For users still on Windows 7, Windows 10 will feel very familiar. Naturally, there are a few small changes like the expanded start button functionality and messaging tools like Skype included with the platform. Plus, if you never made the switch over to Windows 8 or 8.1, you’ve been missing out on one major upgrade, Windows 10 starts up 75% faster, allowing your team to get rolling quicker. Reduced Time for Upgrades and Maintenance As measured by Forrester Consulting, Windows 10 has shown to reduce IT management time by 15% thanks to self-service options within the OS and lighter…

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